Sauna, Rest & Relaxation

Time for the important things

Sometimes all we need to be happy is to have a break.
Just do nothing for once, except consciously take some time for yourself. Remember: A path does not necessarily need a destination, but it does need places to stop. You will find one or two places to rest in our small but splendid wellness oasis …

Come to rest:
Relax & unwind
4 – 7 p.m.

Cosy loungers invite you to linger, the large panoramic glass window offers forest views to let your mind wander. From our relaxation zone, you can directly access the private garden with sunbathing lawn in summer and snow in winter for after the Finnish sauna. The relaxation zone is open every day except Saturday. Bathrobes and towels are available for free use.

Relaxing room Sauna Relax Kneipp Whirlpool Turkish steam bath
Recharge your batteries:
Warmth & Water
4 – 7 p.m.
  • Turkish steam bath with starry sky
  • Cold, mist shower with revitalising effect and mint aroma
  • Kneipp foot bath for a strengthened immune system
  • Tropical rain shower with warm water drops and mango aroma
  • Tepidarium (heated bench) for deep relaxation
  • Finnish sauna with dry heat and high temperature
  • Whirlpool to stimulate blood circulation
Keep moving:
Fit & Healthy
open all day
  • Fitness room with a variety of sports equipment
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